Check Out Poppy's Dark New Track 'I Disagree'

Poppy's brand of bemusing genre mixing, strange music videos and eye-popping aesthetics has made her one of the most talked-about acts in metal throughout the year, and she's set to make a big impact with her third album I Disagree on January 10 next year.

While it's basically impossible to get a solid idea of what a Poppy album will sound like until you've heard it for yourself, you can start to try and guess with the title track below.

The song isn't quite as disjointed or bizarre as some past material, but it's still pretty catchy and comes with an amusing video to boot. Check it out:

Poppy will be appearing at this year's Good Things festival, so you'll have a chance to get up-close with the musical enigma for yourself. She's also opening for Bring Me The Horizon throughout their US tour this month, which is absolutely huge in its own right!

Listen to Poppy now.