Check Out Poppy's Crazy New Single, 'Concrete'


If you haven't familiarised yourself with the enigmatic pop-metal artist Poppy yet, allow us to do our best to try and explain: Poppy is kind of like Babymetal on steroids, jumping abruptly from sunshine-and-flowers pop to brutal metal passages within the same song.

It's pretty unique and mildly confusing, and the new track 'Concrete' continues that trend of fusing multiple genres together with dark lyrics like "Bury me six feet deep / cover me in concrete / turn me into a street" keeping sinister undertones throughout.

Still confused? We don't blame you, but check out the official 'Concrete' video below and see what you think:

'Concrete' is a standalone single, but Poppy has just signed to Sumerian Records, so we might have some news soon of a bigger Poppy release coming our way!

Listen to Poppy now.