Check Out Periphery's Ultra-Heavy New Single 'Blood Eagle'

We knew that prog metal masters Periphery had been in the studio for some time now, as they released intermittent updates on what they were up to. But did we know that they were working on something this insane?

No, we were not ready for this at all - the next album in the Periphery series is officially titled Periphery IV: HAIL STAN (amazing title), and the debut single 'Blood Eagle' is an absolute belter of a track!

Moving between bone-crushing djent sections and brooding palm muted passages in the vein of Tool'Blood Eagle' is some of the heaviest material we've heard from these guys and we just want more.

Check out the official music video below:


Guitarist Mark Holcomb said of the track:

“We’ve known since the late stages of P4 writing sessions that ‘Blood Eagle’ would be the first song we released. It’s an unrelenting song that, even while we were writing it, we could say to ourselves: ‘We NEED to play this live.’ The original demo was vastly different, and through the songwriting process, it took on this kind of violent, explosive nature that is always hard to synthesize. That energy excited us and we knew it’d be the first thing we’d let you all hear.”

It's almost as if the band are saying 'Alright, we see you trying to do this djent thing out there, but remember who does it best."

Periphery IV: HAIL STAN will be out on April 5. Can't wait!

Periphery IV: HAIL STAN tracklisting:

1. Reptile
2. Blood Eagle
4. Garden In The Bones
5. It’s Only Smiles
6. Follow Your Ghost
7. Crush
8. Sentient Glow
9. Satellites

Listen to Periphery now.