Check Out In Flames' Heavy New Single 'I, The Mask'

After Swedish death metal pioneers In Flames released the first two singles off their next album I, The Mask last month, a lot of fans seemed to have been left with mixed feelings over the direction of the band's sound. 

After listening to new title track though, those same fans will probably feel a little more at ease, because it's a complete throwback to their mid 2000's sound ala Come Clarity and A Sense Of Purpose.

It's got blistering double kicks, thick Gothenburg guitar tones and excellent vocals which switch between melodic crooning and raw screams effortlessly. A far cry from their previous pop-rock single '(This Is Our) House', but it's nice to know that at least there will be some variety on the record once it drops.

Check out the lyric video below:

I, The Mask is the band's 13th album and it'll be out on March 1.

Listen to In Flames now.