Check Out Alien Weaponry's Harrowing New Track 'Ahi Kā'

New Zealand's teenage metal prodigies Alien Weaponry have been absolutely killing it over the past year, and before they embark on their first-ever headlining North American tour this month, they've dropped a brand new track for Adult Swim's Swim Metal 2 called 'Ahi Kā'.

'Ahi Kā' uses samples and clanging percussion to give off a dark and more brooding vibe which lends itself to the story behind the song; in 1953, the Auckland city council sparked a 40-year-long battle with villagers after voting to burn down an old Maori village ahead of the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Listen to the harrowing song below, then read on for drummer Henry de Jong's explanation behind it:



"For us, it’s something we felt needed to be brought to light more than it was. Me and Lewis are big fans of Adult Swim and all the shows. We thought this would be good for their compilation. If you really look into it, it’s also a commentary on what’s happening in the world, too. That’s happening to people all over the world still. I can’t understand it."

Listen to Alien Weaponry now.