Cartoon Black Metal Band Belzebubs Unleash Epic New Single 'Cathedrals Of Mourning'

You may remember last year that a new cartoon black metal band called Belzebubs made their appearance with a fantastic single and the promise of a (real) full-length debut release this year.

Well that time is now upon us, with the album Pantheon of the Nightside Gods due out on April 26 through Century Media. 

It's kind of like Dethklok in that the premise of the band is very tongue-in-cheek but the music actually rules. The new single 'Cathedrals Of Mourning' will hopefully also convince you of that, and you can check out the beautifully-animated video for it below, then keep scrolling for a bit of background on the "band":

Belzebubs' characters are Hubbath (vocals/bass), Samaël (drums), Obesyx (lead vocals) and Sløth (vocals/guitar).

According to the backstory on their website, the band established themselves a cult status in the black metal genre with their self-published debut album Quis Novit Daemonis Astus (2006). Originally forming in 2002 as a three-piece by Hubbath, Sløth and Izkariot, they found a faster and melodic sound with Obesyx joining the crew. Their second self-published album, Moth of Satanas followed in 2009, leading the group to sign with Døden Records.

However, due to a series of unfortunate events, the band was forced on hiatus for the better half of the decade. After numerous line-up changes and signing to a new label, Belzebubs is finally ready to resurrect from the dead with the aid of their new drummer Samaël, who's brought a tight, progressive touch to the rhythm section.