Bring Me The Horizon are Teasing New Song 'Medicine', Listen Now

After hearing the first two singles  from Bring Me The Horizon's next album Amo'Mantra' and 'Wonderful Life', it's been pretty clear that the band are headed down a varied new direction which has left us unsure what to expect from the record when it drops on January 25.

The band have begun teasing a new single on Instagram called 'Medicine', which dioesn't give us much to go off, but we can see a very creepy CGI render of vocalist Oli Sykes lying on what appears to be the ground accompanied by some orchestral strings which build up and then abruptly cut off.

It's not a whole lot to go off, but have a listen below and we'll keep you posted on a full release:

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 For those older Bring Me fans who have been totally turned off by this new direction, you can rest easy knowing that they have recently been busting out some of their much older deathcore songs at shows, and they still sound super heavy!

Listen to Bring Me The Horizon now.