Brendon Urie Reveals Metal Version of a Panic! At The Disco Song

Who knew that Panic! At The Disco could actually be heavy? While recently streaming some Fortnite gameplay on Twitch,  vocalist Brendon Urie decided to share a metal version of the band's song 'The Calendar', which was recorded in 2010.

In the clip, Brendon starts going pretty nuts as he pretends to hardcore dance to the track, flipping off the camera and chucking up his hood. The quality of the song isn't exactly amazing, but you can hear that the track legitimately sounds pretty decent for a band who became famous for their pop rock sound. Check out the video below:

The band's ties with heavy music aren't exactly new, given that they have also become known to play a pretty heavy track called 'Positive Hardcore' at some of their live shows.

Let's get a metal Panic! album out next year - we'd probably listen to it...