Betraying The Martyrs Announce New Album 'Rapture', Listen to 'Parasite' Now

Following the likes of Korn and Killswitch Engage this week, French metalcore band Betraying The Martyrs have also announced a new album and dropped a heavy new single along with it called 'Parasite', which you can hear below.

Vocalist Aaron Matts 

“The song is a subject that I’ve wanted to touch on for quite some time now. It speaks of an internal battle of the minds between myself and that evil self that I’m sure we all have and know all too well.

The story speaks of the innocent untainted self that ultimately trumps and returns to defeat this metaphorical parasite of depression and anxiety. The song is more of a celebration of overcoming a dark period in my life, but can be seen from more than one perspective."

The official music video shows frontman Aaron Matts walking through some kind of haunted corridor full of creepy photos on the wall. Check it out:

The band's fourth album is titled Rapture and will be released on September 13, which is the same day as Korn's new album The Nothing.

Listen to Betraying The Martyrs now.