A Transformers-Themed Band Covered Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song', Watch Now

There are some bands with crazy themes out there; how about Mac Sabbath, a fast food parody of Black Sabbath, or a metal band entirely made up of members dressed as Ned Flanders from The Simpsons

It's always fun to see a band doing something a bit left of field, which is why we couldn't help but smile watching this Transformers-themed band called The Cybertronic Spree covering Led Zeppelin's classic 'Immigrant Song'.

You can tell these guys really like Transformers because the attention to detail on their costumes as Rumble, Arcee, Hot Rod, Spike Witwicky, Soundwave and Unicron is pretty outstanding. Oh yeah, they also perform the track pretty well, which wouldn't be super easy all suited up. Check it out:

Apparently The Cybertronic Spree cover cartoon, anime and video game theme songs as their schtick, and they have both an official YouTube channel and Facebook page where you can follow their whereabouts for more pop culture goodness!

Listen to Led Zeppelin now.