5 of Trivium's Best Tracks Ever.

Trivum band photo

Taking a quick look back through the ages of Trivium to try and nut out a top 5 is near on impossible, but here are 5 of their best tracks that cover all aspects of what they do so well.

5. The Sin And The Sentence

The title track opens Trivium’s eighth studio album, and what a way to do it. It builds into a massive movie-esque monster that sets the scene for the rest of the album. Matt Heafy’s clean vocals are on point, production is clear and powerful, and it drops into a groove in the chorus with growled vocals layering the cleans, it’s an emotional rollercoaster, people! They’re getting better with age.

4. Chaos Reigns

It’s pretty simple to love this one and rate it highly. It’s a straight out thrasher and sometimes that’s all you need to do - go back to your roots and just play a ball breaking thrash song. It’s fuckin' HUGE. No more to say about it, simple, fast, awesome.

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3. Into The Mouth of Hell We March 

Shogun showcased a better Trivium and a more developed group of musicians and songwriters. Perhaps storytellers is a better way to describe it? This tune had a groove in it that I just dug, hard, but then the absolute shredding on the solos, when it picks up the pace, makes the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy Trivium so much, there’s a determination for them to try things and better their craft, and this is a shining example of that.

 2. Betrayer

After years of perfecting his craft, taking care of his voice, touring singing only cleans, Matt Heafy delivers the best of both worlds on this absolute belter of a track. Lightning fast, super melodic, a rising chorus, it ebbs and flows so well I almost had this at number one. I was so stoked to hear this on the album, it’s just awesome.

1. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

In 2005 when Trivium released Ascendency, I thought it was their best album to date. They, of course, would have as well, after all the plan is to ‘ascend’ rather than ‘descend’. I played it flat out, day after day, blowing my voice out trying to sing along (I have no vocal technique at all btw), but there was just something about the album, and this track, that resonated. A true anthem that crowd have shouted back at Matt Heafy for a long time.


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