5 Most Uplifting Hardcore Tracks

As many of you may or may not be aware, hardcore is a street genre that sits happily in-between punk and metal; taking influence from both to create some of the best mosh-pit music ever. Hardcore lyrics usually revolve around real world problems such as political climate, failing economy, personal vices and mental illnesses such as depression. If you’re ever feeling like life is getting you down, throw on some of these tracks and punch-dance out your rage.

Terror - I'm Only Stronger (2013)

Synonymous with modern Hardcore, Terror first hit the LA scene in 2002, pumping out 5 phenomenal albums. The lyrics written by vocalist Scott Vogel generally centre around fighting back against oppression, backed up by killer old-school style riffs. Terror is sure to get your blood pumping. Other great songs of theirs are Spit My Rage, Not Impressed and Dead Wrong.

Vision Of Disorder - Formula For Failure (1995)

Vision Of Disorder climbed out of the pits of the New York scene in the early 90s and were featured on the 1996 ‘NYHC’ documentary, where the band talked about the motivation behind their music. This particular song was on their EP Still in 1995, and a re-recording was released on For The Bleeders in 1998 (although it is over produced and sounds like shit. It’s hardcore, keep it raw people). Other good songs of theirs to check out are Suffer and Beneath The Green.

Cursed Earth - Suffocation (2016)

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Cursed Earth is one of the few Hardcore bands to have a female vocalist, and if that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. The band is known for its very fast paced, thrash-like songs, and is rising up the ranks in the Australian scene. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

Kublai Khan - Smoke and Mirrors (2015)

When I first saw Kublai Khan on the Graves tour last year, vocalist Matt Honeycutt expressed his animosity towards racial hatred against not only himself, but his Mexican grandmother; stating that combating hatred was one of the main focuses of many of their songs. The band is known for having a large fan-base who love to throw down.

Hatebreed - Destroy Everything

Hatebreed, in the same vein as Terror, know how to amp you up with some old-school hardcore riffage. If you’re feeling like life has just driven a bus over you, put this song on and go absolutely bananas. Just don’t blame me if you end up destroying your house or workplace.

Ed Howson