5 Best Disturbed Tracks

With Disturbed set to release their seventh album Evolution on October 19, we enlisted our good mate Dave "Higgo" Higgins to put together his top five Disturbed tracks over their huge catalogue. Find out what Higgo picked below!

"Picking a top 5 for any band is ALWAYS going to cause debate. It's nigh on impossible for one person (me) to wrap up a band's top 5, because what appeals to me, may not appeal to you. My flame suit is on, and I'm ready to hear from you. Here are the tunes from the Illinois lads that tickle my undercarriage." - Higgo

5. Asylum (Asylum, 2010)

A great fast-paced aggressive start to this top five. Let's be honest - it's impossible to listen to Disturbed these days without thinking of the pisstake video that someone made about David Draiman's singing style, but the guy has chops, and they're highlighted in this. Awesome film clip goes along with it.

4. The Night (Indestructible, 2008)

What can I tell ya, Indestructible was a great album, and this song further highlights Draiman's abilities as a singer. I particularly like the guitar parts under the verses in this song. It's what made the song interesting to me at the time, and I guess that's why everyone loves different songs, the often intangible appeal. But for me, those are the reasons it comes in at number four.

3. Ten Thousand Fists (Ten Thousand Fists, 2005)

A rock-solid headbanging rhythm intertwined with a call to arms is always going to be a winner in a live setting. Was it clever, deliberate songwriting to evoke a response from the crowd or just another song that the band wrote because metal? At any rate, this is just three and a half minutes long and is a definite crowd favourite from the early days that has stood the test of time. Check out this live performance from Rock Am Ring in 2008.

2. Stricken (Ten Thousand Fists, 2005)

This is a kick-arse riff. Another reason I enjoy the early Disturbed gear. The guitar tone had just the right amount of crunch for my ears at the time. I also like the vocal melody in the chorus, and who doesn't like a few ‘ah-ah-ah-owwws' in a Disturbed track? They were really hitting their straps in this era.

1. Down with the Sickness (The Sickness, 2000)

Straight from the Nu-Metal age, this second single from their debut album is still raw, and they hadn't refined what they do yet. So for a song like this to have such an impact and really launch them into the scene is deserving of their number one. Because up until a couple of years ago, this was the number one song that people knew by Disturbed. (I don't even want to mention the other song, it's a cover). OOOHHH WA-AH-AH-AH!

If you're looking at this list now and yelling at your computer/phone because there's nothing in it from their 2015 album, Immortalized, don't be upset. There just isn't anything from that album that deserves a spot in their top 5. Maybe their next album will have something tasty to add? Bring it on!

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