5 Bands You Must See At Download Festival Australia 2019

Alright, now being asked to write an article like this is FROUGHT with danger. How can I be expected to narrow this down to just FIVE MUST-SEE ACTS when the lineup is already this brilliant? There’s still another 13 bands to come!

I guess I have to look at this as someone who has never seen ANY of these bands before (if that’s possible).

So what determines whether or not someone should see a band? Well, for history’s sake, you’d better see some of the bands that paved the way for the rest, but overall, if you’re up for a good time, these are the bands you need to see. I’m not saying these are the best bands of all time, I’m saying they’re the best for a good time, as well as being bloody rad.

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Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb band photo

If you want a good time, it doesn’t come much gooder. These lads have been blasting their way around Australia and the world since the early 90’s and you are guaranteed an excellent time. Hell, Lindsay their guitarist has blown an eye out of his socket, Jason their lead singer had bugs growing in him, and their drummer Gordy broke his arm at a show showing people how to stage dive. This is a flat out punk extravaganza.


Behemoth band photo

The theatre that Behemoth brings to any live show is spectacular. It’s like the heaviest musical theatre you’ve ever seen. Everything melds together so brilliantly, I have often caught myself just standing, staring with my mouth slightly agape at a Behemoth show, just to try and take it all in. Sure, you can bang your head down the front, or you can stand back a little and just drink it all up. They really are a band to witness live.

Judas Priest

Judas Priest band photo

The last time I saw Priest was at Soundwave, and, like about 5 thousand other people, I was not disappointed. Melbourne fans were treated to a violently hot day when they played, but still, Rob Halford, metal god, waltzed out in a full length leather jacket and slayed it. This is why you should see Judas Priest. For the history they bring, for the dedication they bring, and for the bloody good time and banter that Halford provides. You can be damn sure I’ll be watching.


Slayer band photo

This is the last time you will see Slayer in Australia. That’s why you should see them. The pit alone is worth seeing at a Slayer gig. In my youth I would partake in the pit at a Slayer gig, now, I’m not sure I’d make it out a alive, such is the intensity and passion for this band. They are an originator, they are powerful, and they are worthy of your time. Fuckin' SLAAAAAAYEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR! Expect big crowds, insane pits, and a metal show like the good old days.


Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is an institution. I think he’s been in his fair share of them as well! Like Slayer, Ozzy is a show you just can’t miss. He’ll perform classic Sabbath songs, his own classics, and for a guy that just keeps defying his age, his shows are always fun. You can’t help but smile when Ozzy takes the stage, and trust me when I say, there’s a reason he’s headlining, the crowds will be HUGE. See the godfather of heavy metal, you owe it to yourself.

Ok, so there’s your top 5 must see bands from the first announcement of Download Australia 2019. But that doesn’t seem like enough does it?

So do yourself a favour, as the great Molly Meldrum would say, be sure to check out these bands as well...

High Tension

High Tension band photo

They played Download in 2018, and they’re coming back in 2019 because they are THAT. FUCKING. GOOD. They’ve also released their 3rd LP, Purge, since then, and they just keep playing bigger and better shows. Karina Utomo is a frighteningly brilliant vocalist and front woman, and the heavy just never stops. See High Tension. Do it.


Anthrax band photo

Well, this is nostalgia for me, I’ve loved them for the longest time, and they are part of ‘The Big 4’ for a reason. Thrashing their way through an extensive catalogue at Download will be an excellent time.

Alice in Chains

Alice In Chains band photo

Again, this is a nostalgia trip for me, plus their new album, Rainier Fog, is bloody BRILLIANT. I am a HUGE fan and for sheer musicianship and sweet grooves, you gotta check em out.

Ok, it’s clear I could be here all day recommending every band, (like Luca Brasi) and with good reason, we’re extremely lucky to have such a stellar line up come to Australia, and to include Australian bands (with hopefully more to come on the 2nd announcement). So what’s the point of all this then? To get you excited for a festival that is catering for heavier tastes! New bands, older bands, it’s fantastic! Get out there and discover your new favourites today. Get onto YouTube, do a bit of research, and support great musos doing great things. See you there!


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